Cover Summary

(Single Transit Within Australia)

Understand Your Cover

Before obtaining a quote it's important that you understand the insurance cover you are purchasing.

Single Transit Within Australia

Excess of $500 AUD applies depending on type of goods being selected.
(For full cover, benefits and exclusions please examine the Policy Document) Cover includes:
  • Accidental Loss or Damage to the Goods in Transit
  • Cover includes Loading & Unloading, loss or damage
  • Goods are covered from Floor to Floor, and are covered until they are placed inside the intended destination
  • Cover commences when Goods are first moved for the specific purpose of loading on the conveying vehicle for Transit
  • Cover includes all Retail and Sales packaging
  • Shipping Containers in your care, custody or control for which you are liable up to a limit of $50,000
Special Note: If you think you will be moving goods more than 3 times per year, please contact us as you may qualify for an Annual policy, which may be cheaper and less work for you.

Please Note

You can get a quote and cover online however you will need to contact us to correctly quote and complete the cover for you if;
  • You are moving more than one commodity in the shipment or load.
  • Your Total sum insured in Australian dollars exceeds $5,000,000 or if the value in any truck load or conveyance exceeds $500,000.
  • You are moving chilled or frozen meat, dairy products, fresh fruit or produce, small goods or medical supplies.

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